Lunch Idee Film Catering

Are you looking for a tasty and healthy Catering for your production? We from Lunch Idee are preparing breakfast, lunch -warm and cold-, snack, dinner and wrap-snacks and drinks, so that you can power through the whole day with great energy and creativity! We are always accommodating special dietary needs and will fulfill your favorite food wishes. Lunch Idee: At your Production!

About us

We, Raymond and Nathalie, have started our business Lunch Idee in 2004. Since the beginning we are catering film production and companies with full, versatile meals and drinks, such as during meetings, courses, trainings, and much more.

Since September 2018 we are the in-house caterer of the Amsterdam Studios in Amsterdam-East. Our top-values are always fresh, delicious, lots of choices, customer oriented, authentic, friendly, on time, hard working and fun!